On a Boston Herald page I saw an ad that the same extremist group supports both Sarah Palin and Scott Brown. The ad is produced solely by the SEIU (aren’t they a labor union?) a.k.a. ACORN 2.0. Interested in who this "extremist" group was I investigated and found out that it was…





Here’s the video if you can stomach it.  I find it interesting that they felt the need to label clearly that the ad wasn’t sponsored by Coakley.  I guess the thought is that she can say whatever she wants as long as she doesn’t actually say it.  Didn’t notice a lot of outrage from her over someone using her image illegally.

Extremist.  Another word for the Top 5 Overused Words for 2009

As I’ve noted elsewhere all of the teaparties that I’ve been to seemed more like a family picnic with cute signs than a political rally.  Liberals can’t seem to understand a “protest” that’s not full of hate.  Being nice and neighborly when you meet up at the local courthouse for a day of patriotism and conversation probably does seem like an extreme way of going about it to SEIU.

Or, to quote my favorite move of all time:


One thought on “EXTREMIST

  • January 17, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    You’re an extremist.
    I’m an extremist.
    All the medical first responders I work with are extremists.
    Yet our government is paying ABSOLUTELY NO ATTENTION to our desires.
    And that is why I’m worried about how we resolve things without a conflagration. I’m still hoping folks causing the problem will remove their heads from where it is damp, dark, and smelly.


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