Drive it…

… Like It’s Stolen! Was a common saying when I was growing up.  Usually it was tossed out when someone got a little more aggressive on a dirt road than was really warranted.   It was usually shouted by the passenger


Michael Perry wrote a book called “Truck, A Love Story”.  In it he talks about repairing an old truck but follows the other parts of his life in the process.  The Love Story part of it is about a real


In getting ready for our pig roast (also known as the Tax Day Celebration of Pork) last Friday I had several projects going all at once.  It’s typical when getting ready for a “get together” though something like this takes


No… not the drink, or even the Obamakare package.  The real thing.  It looks like this.   This tree was rotten in the center and was in danger of falling. Since we have a pig roast coming up I thought