One of the benefits of Facebook is that I don’t have to think.  Ok, maybe that’s not a benefit after all but it does allow me to share things quickly without writing paragraphs of detail around a particular topic.  Here’s


Remember my recent debate with my ever so educated friend in “Long Winter…”? If you haven’t read it please do.  It won’t take long to understand.  Some of you may have been wondering what kind of debate I was expecting. 

Long Winter…

In perhaps the best indicator of the fallacy of global warming, I’ve exceeded my monthly post count record with 22 posts (now 23) in February.   The cold weather has been good for something at least. On another note, I managed

Semper Fi…

I heard a crash outside my bedroom last night.  I was annoyed but I wasn’t frightened.  I knew with utter certainty that the noise wasn’t some terrorist ratbag breaking in to take my food.  I knew that it wasn’t the


“Did you ever wonder that Envy is the only one of the Seven Deadly Sins that doesn’t give the sinner even momentary pleasure?” –George Will at CPAC 2010. I wasn’t going to follow up with another post today but I