I’ve struggled with this post a bit.  Not because it’s difficult to write but because there’s an edge to it that I don’t like… a part that can easily be misinterpreted.  Still, it’s important to me to get these things

Coming Soon

Since last Friday I’ve driven about 2000 miles, attended a funeral, acted as a pallbearer, held a newborn, stayed awake for 37 hours straight, worked on a lawnmower and worked in a swamp.  There’s a lot that I want to

Too Stupid to Shop

I’ve seen the Mac vs PC commercials lately and I think they’re missing something. They need to include the line, “Hi I’m a Mac and you’re probably too stupid to buy me”. Jinksto’s anniversary is coming up at the end

Making Census

With acknowledgment to Dave: Flight: LGA -> CLT, Time: 9:00PM EST Position: 1 hour 21 minutes from destination Altitude 24,500 feet enroute to 30,000 58 Souls on board Seat 12A I watch a cumulus cloud float by through the molded