Historic.  Everything is historic. Black presidents, healthcare debates, weather, wars, women’s issues, men’s issues, gay rights, economic issues… you name it and it was a historic year for it.  The one place that everyone seems to miss placing it is before “failure”.  No worries, that’ll come in the next few months.   Google says that the word “historic” was used 158,000,000 times in the last year.

Terrorist.  Everyone is a terrorist lately.  That is, they are if they’re republican, or right wing, or members of the NRA or retired military or ex-cops or Baptist preachers or anyone that doesn’t think “left” enough.   Hell the ONLY people that we’re not allowed to call terrorist are.. well, terrorist.  And there’s no war on them either…

H1N1. Good lord.  Call it the flu would you?  At least they dropped the Stephen Kingish “super flu” almost immediately… almost.  Notice how H1N1 gets trotted out anytime there’s a critical moment in the healthcare debate? It is turning into a disaster of monumental proportions… not because it’s killing everyone as promised, it’s not… but because next year when we DO ahve a super flu… no one will listen.   Besides, if you’re over 65 don’t bother trying to get a flu shot, the government has decided that you’re too old to live anyway.  Speaking of healthcare… oh, nevermind.

Healthcare. This went from uninsured Americans to “the current system sucks”.  Funny thing.  Last year no one knew that the current system sucks.  Heck I was pretty impressed with my healthcare plan until I was told how much it sucks.

Green.  There’s so much green around that it’s making me blue.  And for what?  To prevent global warming?  The easier (and cheaper) way to do that is to just fire a few “scientist”… you know who you are…

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Top Five overused words for 2009

3 thoughts on “Top Five overused words for 2009

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  • April 29, 2010 at 8:01 am

    haha this reeks of pompous textbook republican ideology.

    For once in your life, stop thinking as a drone for a set of established beliefs and do some searchin.

    I am not a liberal or any other ideology. It just pisses me off when an individual has to slam every matter that the party goes against. Textbook idiocy.

    [jinksto: link removed. Play nice.]

  • May 7, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    hah. You obviously haven’t read other posts here. All of them are well researched and while most tend to have a conservative slant they are most decidedly not Republican rhetoric as you seem to imply.

    Read here or don’t, that’s up to you, but play nice with others while doing it.


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