Jilly Bean…

Yesterday my first cousin got married in my home town.  We really wanted to go but, well, it’s 900 miles away.  Sometimes I don’t mind that distance; sometimes I do. You hear stories about small towns and how, “everyone knows


I’ve watched this little girl grow up.  She’s spent half of her weekends over the last 10 years at my house.  She’s not related to me but she calls me Uncle.  She was just a wee little thing when our

Going Geek

I’m a nerd or, more correctly, I’m a geek.  We won’t dig into the differences here but there’s a related story that I want to share so the point is valid.  This week while working with someone over wording for

The Interview

Digi-cousin, The Nerdy Redneck has posted a couple of interview stories the last few days.  Good stories.  Check both of them out. Failing a test and Passing a test Giving a test and failing a test A reply to the