WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama proposed new limits on the size and activities of the nation’s largest banks, pushing a more muscular approach toward regulation that yanked down stocks and raised the stakes in his campaign to show he’s tough on Wall Street.

CHARLOTTE —Citizen Jinksto in a bizarre move reviewed his retirement account and changed his targeted retirement age to later in life.  "it’s unclear… but it’s looking like 90 something" said Jinks in an exasperated tone.  "I’ve been working for about 23 years and suddenly this guy takes 10% out of my retirement in 3 days.  There oughta be a law." he continued.  

The presidents frantic grasping for populist support after a year of repeated failures is costing the taxpayers in a big way.  "With the markets back to the levels they were last March, we seem to have lost the only gain that the president could have claimed credit for this year.  What was he thinking?" questioned Jinks in a daze. 


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