I worked all day yesterday and when I say all day, I mean ALL day.  I was up at 11:30PM the night before and worked until about 3PM yesterday.  At 3 I took a few hours of nap time and was back online at 7PM and worked until about 11:30 or so. That’s about 19 hours on the clock yesterday.  I remember glancing at the bedside clock as midnight rolled around and thinking happy new year to myself as I faded off to sleep.  Quite the party.

Still, the neighbors pulled an “all nighter”.  Some of you will remember from my Christmas list in “Dear Santa… that one of the things that I’ve really wanted for a long time was a game camera. Miss Jodi came through on that one and bought me a REALLY nice camera.   With it, I was able to capture some of the local revelers as they partied through the night.

Here’s a shot at 2:40am as the party was just getting kicked off:

An hour later they were back:

And another hour later… still partying!

Somewhere in there I guess they closed down a bar because they were gone for about four hours.  But, like me (in my youth) closing down an all night romp with an 8am IHOP special, they were back for breakfast:


My yard doesn’t have a fence.  It fades from lawn to trees and forest in about 20 yards.  The camera is set up on the first tree at the edge of the woods so these pictures are all about 25 yards from my front door.  In fact, I knew that I had new pictures because Miss Jodi looked out the living room window this morning and watched these guys having breakfast.  I LOVE living in North Carolina… no, really.

Have a happy New Year folks.  May the coming year be safe, and happy for you.  

New Years Eve Party At My House

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