A passage in this article on the BBC site caught my eye… it was this:

In central London, protesters – including the singer Annie Lennox and former mayor Ken Livingstone – marched along the Embankment to Trafalgar Square. Some chanted “Free, free Palestine” and “Israel terrorists”.

I wonder if Ms Lennox and her friends would feel differently if Radicals in a very localized area were constantly firing rockets at London?  If her concerts were canceled because of “extremist” activities would she cry and stage protests that her own government wasn’t doing enough to protect her from those attacks?  If the English government moved to strike back at  those affecting her bottom line would she, do you think, throw shoes at them?

A few months ago public outrage at the “unprovoked” attack of a tiger on several youths at the San Francisco zoo died a quick death when it turned out that they might have been taunting the tiger and were all both high and drunk at the time.  “World Outrage” should follow the same path.  You can’t shoot rockets at a sovereign nation and expect them to ignore you because you’re doing it from a school.  You can’t claim innocence if you know that extremists are firing rockets at a sovereign nation from a school and don’t move to stop them. You can’t claim outrage when the sovereign nation in question bombs that school into dust in order to stop unprovoked attacks on its citizens originating from that “school”.  Look, it’s simple, if you don’t want children killed in a war that you started stop hiding behind them.  We all know that you’re just doing it for the publicity… well most of us know that; the rest are over at Trafalgar Square losing their shoes and dreaming about the “good ole days” of Vietnam War Protests.

Stop Poking That TIger!!

3 thoughts on “Stop Poking That TIger!!

  • January 5, 2009 at 4:32 am

    I too saw Annie making a fool of herself vis-a-vis this subject. I used to love her… still enjoy her talent… but she’s been added to the list of talented idiots I enjoy but will now steal music from rather than put $$$ in their pockets…
    John Mellencamp,
    Bruce “The Boss”,
    The Dixie Twits,
    Melissa Etheridge,
    and on and on…

  • January 5, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    Yeah, it’s frustrating. These folks don’t realize that a dollar paid isn’t the same as a vote cast for Senator… except possibly in some midwestern states. 🙂 In short, just because I bought your music doesn’t mean that I care what your opinion is.

    I’m all about people having opinions and expressing them. I’m not about supporting those opinions if I can avoid it. I don’t even bother to steal the music from these people. Anytime I hear Dixie Chicks music now it’s ruined by the comments that they’ve made. I don’t like them as people and it turns me off to listening to anything that they have to say. It’s not a crusade, it’s just not something that I wish to listen to. Sad that some really good songs have been ruined for me because this.

    I stopped listening to X-Country on XM radio because they continued to play the song “Cheney’s Toy” which I found disrespectful of our soldiers. I posted a comment about it on the XM feedback site and then just skip the channel when I’m listening to music. Here again, I’m not trying to drive change. I simply dislike the programming on that channel and skip it. The same goes for the people that you’ve listed. I’m not encouraging others to avoid listening. If it comes up in conversation I mention the fact that I think they’re idiots and that I have no interest in the music but I don’t actively seek out chances to bash them.

    I can understand your approach, for me though I can’t help tying the music back to the person and the comments…

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