In perhaps the best indicator of the fallacy of global warming, I’ve exceeded my monthly post count record with 22 posts (now 23) in February.   The cold weather has been good for something at least.

On another note, I managed to be placed into the enviable position of invoking a corollary of Godwin’s Law last night.

The corollary known as reductio ad klanum states simply that in online debates surrounding policies of the current president the first person to reduce the debate to race cedes the argument and admits defeat.  

I won’t repost the whole dreary mess but here’s the point where it went bad.  The question of the public option in healthcare was raised and the following ensued:


oooooooohhhhhhh! I get it now! Is that why it is called an "OPTION" ??????


One wonders… Is it still mandatory that you have insurance under this "new" plan that Obama has been working on in secret? Because if it is, it’s not an "option" if you are required to buy this because you’re too poor to afford Blue Cross.

The truth is that I hope there’s not a public option in this bill but we won’t know until "The One" chooses to reveal it to us.

We’ve said monopolies in three separate posts in this discussion as if they truly exist. Which monopolies? You’re repeating democratic rhetoric. There is no monopoly in the healthcare industry. It makes a good speech to say "these evil healthcare monopolies are eating your babies!" but there isn’t one. A monopoly is a single source of ownership or exclusive control of something. No one company in the healthcare industry has that. The last I checked there were 31 different companies that are providing major medical insurance in the USA. Are you saying that there are 31 different monopolies in the same industry?

( Note: I later learned that Obama HAS posted “his” plan in advance of the upcoming debate. It was a busy day at work, what can I say. His plan DOESN’T include a public option but… he supports it.  Nice that.)


I have learned long ago not to engage in a dialogue with someone who is set in his/her ways….As the old saying goes: "You can lead a horse to the trough, but you can’t make him dring" !

Let’s face it! It is really not so much about the plan itself as it is about "The One" who has proved that he cares so much about REAL AMERICANS than about Corporations and Blood Suckers! Period! The end!


I love that response. I get it a lot from people that lean to the left. When they find that their position is indefensible they tell me that *I* am impossible to reason with and hint that I’m a racist. Very nice. I"m not offended, I get that a lot.

"The One" is a narcissistic ass in my opinion but my dislike for him has more to do with his ultra liberal ideas about entitlement than his race. (I didn’t like Clinton either by the way but I thought Carter was cool because he was a farmer… I was 10 around then I think) I haven’t seen that Obama proved anything other than the fact that he’s a complete failure. The great uniter hasn’t united a single thing and has managed to drive us into record debt while drawing a hard line between the parties. You can rant about "Corporations" and "Blood Suckers" but you’ll need to provide proof beyond party rhetoric to ever get anywhere in an argument.


As I said: Never argue with someone who has his mind set! Because it doesn’t matter what facts or reason he/she is presented with…they are always discarded and replaced with rethorics… and by the way….better get your facts right…."The One" is not the one who claimed to be the "The Great UNITER"…. and he has not "ACCOMLISHED" his MISSION yet…after all he has to clean up 8 years of damage that was inflicted upon our country by those who cater only to the few, and who still haven’t gotten over the fact that this country is the country of all and every abiding citizen regardless of RACE, religion or origin!

(Origin?  Where the hell did that come from?)


While I appreciate your right to defend your position, you haven’t actually presented any facts. Until you do, I’m at a loss as to how to respond.

Since you’ve implied twice now that I’m a racist I’m implementing a modified version of Godwin’s Law. You lose.’s_law


…and unfortunately…you’ll always be lost!
ha…ha…ha…wikipedia????? you must be kidding!!!! ha…ha…ha…. Ok….I lose …ha…ha..ha..have a good night!…and please no more posts!

Reasoned discourse at it’s best.

Long Winter…

3 thoughts on “Long Winter…

  • February 23, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    “Doctor it hurts when I do THIS.”
    Doctor: “Don’t do THAT.”

    We certainly are talking AT one another now. And like you, when I point out we’re rewarding failure and therefore should expect more of it, they change the subject or resort to ad homs. (Fingers in both ears… lalalalala.)
    Back in the days when I’d get into similar discussions with my Mother-in-law and we’d reach this point I’d resign myself by mockingly saying, “Don’t confuse me with the facts, I already have my mind made up”
    And there ya are.
    When does the shooting start?

  • February 23, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    Yeah, I know that I bring it on myself but you know how FaceBook can be. You start an debate with someone for fun and then one of their left wing wacko friends jumps in from the other side and things sort of degrade.

    Sadly this seems to be common on the left. So either I’m excellent at explaining my point and debating the topics of the day or they’re… well, not.

    I can promise you, I’m not that good. It scares me that these people vote.

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