One of the benefits of Facebook is that I don’t have to think.  Ok, maybe that’s not a benefit after all but it does allow me to share things quickly without writing paragraphs of detail around a particular topic.  Here’s some of the things that happened this week.  Several of them will be upcoming blog posts.  Some will fade into nothing but at least I will have shared them.

  • Still working on the concealed carry permit.  Meeting at the Sherriff’s office on Monday.  Anyone that says it’s “too easy to get” is clueless.  I have no felony… scratch that, I have no criminal record at all, felonious or not.  I have an honorable discharge from the military and they want to see my DD214?  Really?
  • Today was a long day in which I did basically nothing and helped two people.
  • Really was an excellent week.  If I were a boy scout I’d have earned a STACK of merit badges this week.
  • Crushed one persons dreams and made another persons year in the course of about an hour.  The two don’t cancel each other out the way I thought they would.
  • “I’ll be honest with you ma’am… it aint like momma fixed it…” one of the greatest song lyrics ever?
  • Got an awesome letter from a former co-worker/employee, really cool.  Need to share that too.
  • NEW PLAN! I have decided to legally change my name and run for president of the USA in 2012.  My new name is, “The Other Two Are Idiots”.  Thanks for your vote.
  • This was one of those weeks where there was a perfect storm of things that have been floating around for weeks all came to a point in their progress where I had to do something with them.  That caused an amazing amount of work for me.
  • I pulled off a big one on Friday.  Big win on a lot of levels for several people.  I’ll tell the story when I can protect the innocent and time provides anonymity to those involved.
  • I posted this late Friday evening with the comment:
  • Life. Hard.


Not sure that you can end a week in a better way than sitting around a fire in the yard.


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