When you click on a photo in Facebook it takes you to the album with that picture.  If you click the picture again it’ll take you to the next photo in  that album.  I sometimes do this just to look back and remember what I’ve posted.  Then I thought, heck some of these need to be on the blog.  Here are a few from this year that I think are cool.. with original Facebook captions:



When you live in foreign lands like North Carolina you have to have basic needs imported.


A New Hobby

There’s something poetic about finished wood resting on the cold steel used to shape it. If I find a poet I’ll let you know what it is. Ooooh pretty is all I got.

Easy is as easy…

Bird house holder $20 or $8 for 3 feet of rolled steel and 10 minutes with a torch. [Note the Christmas lights still up at the end of January? How about the non-functional satellite dish?  Sometimes documenting your redneckness is easy.]


At least it’s not in Spanish

Metric or imperial I don’t care. Just freaking PICK ONE!


Fry it!

I love that sound. Catfish rock.  … this one has a comment after it that says: Also, I’m told that the dirty stove is completely my fault and that I should have cleaned it up before taking a picture and putting it on the Internet.


Might go for a ride later… If I can find the bike.

The Mist

Livin in a cloud today



[no caption… just me and mrs jinksto in a local small town diner]


Nanny taught you to make pudding and now you’re teaching me. That’s almost like Nanny teaching me. Damn these chopped onions.


Scrubbing the table. It’s 48 degrees you won’t even get a little frostbite. Drama queen. #L’ilMatchGirl  … Comment: (after much abuse by doting relatives about child labor laws) “Surprise: He lived through it and scored hot chocolate from Aunt J.”


(no caption)

Heh I just saw myself



Some days it’s worth it to drive an hour and half and then walk two
miles in the dark just to prove that the sun will come up in that place.

Not much hope in killing a deer while laying down and drinking coffee
but some morning are so perfect that it’s worth it.

Wanna save the world? Stop buying Mylar balloons. I find several every year in the woods. This week I found two on the same day in the middle of Uwharrie National Forest.


What did your office look like today?


Today’s hunting picture is for cousin J who doesn’t like climbing trees. 🙂 [Note “cousin J” had a negative reaction to the heights in the previous couple of photos.  I’m just picking on her a little.]


Rum Cake



You’ve gotta love a pot that size.

That’ can’t turn out bad.  (it didn’t)

[no caption]

This entire structure is concrete. Siding, shingles, everything. The ony things not concrete are the toilet seat, the window and the door. Amazing feat of engineering. I’ll bet it’s tougher’n a brick shithouse.


[no caption] Kicking off a pigroast at 3am or so… thought it was cool how the coals showed up as purple.

[no caption]

The $50 potable pig roasting pit.

Comment: ?*CAUTION* untrained redneck engineers built this device. It may or may not serve its intended purpose. It may be used for other purposes when not used for its primary purpose. Other uses may include, tire chocks, home leveling, impromptu step ladder, trot line weights, temporary sidewalks, retaining walls, car jacks, car ramps, bicycle ramps, lawn edging, book shelves, bed frames, coffee table, door stops or other uses as required.

God Bless America.

A good year…

2 thoughts on “A good year…

  • February 20, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    I’ve been meaning to comment on these sooner – I enjoyed the peak into your life but that one of your shadow convinces me hunters are a crazy breed.


  • February 20, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    Thanks CJ. It’s not too bad up there until the wind starts blowing. 🙂


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