Sometimes the late night chat conversations can get a little sideways…  For what it’s worth, the stuff about my home town; all true (or as nearly as I recollect *cough*). 

Except the Indians win a State Championship a lot more often than that.  The girls team has something like Nine State Championships over the last hundred years or so.  The Boy’s team… not so much.

Oh, and, the local diners food was actually a rather good home-style meal…I don’t care what the health department said.

9:25 PM <bubba>  not sure He got the memo that we’re one team
9:25 PM <bubba> and we’re here to serve the business
9:26 PM <me> Like the diner in my hometown.
9:26 PM <me> Sit down, you’ll eat what we bring you.
9:27 PM <bubba> that diner has a monopoly on needed services
9:28 PM <me> Nah, there’s a burger shack across the street built in the shape of a giant teepee.
9:29 PM <bubba> stop contradicting my similes
9:29 PM <me> School mascot is an err.. native American
9:30 PM <bubba> I believe you meant to say "indigenous casino owner"
9:30 PM <bubba> that’s how they’re properly referred to these days
9:31 PM <me> Welcome to Anacoco Louisiana Home of the "Indigenous Casino Owner’s"  (State Champs 1953)
9:31 PM <me> Doesn’t have the same ring to it really
9:31 PM <bubba> that’s a road sign worth having
9:32 PM <bubba> why is there such a resistance to naming schools after people from India?
9:33 PM <me> You know how people hate outsourcing.
9:33 PM <bubba> good point
9:48 PM <me> Actually, I think the teepee is gone and there’s a bank branch there now so this whole conversation fell apart.
9:48 PM <me>  … Which is fine because I’ll probably use it to write a blog post anyway.


Also, I’ve gotta say, that it’s cool being from somewhere that my spell checker identifies as a typo. 

Hometown Diner

5 thoughts on “Hometown Diner

  • February 8, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    From this day forward I will always use the term “Indigenous casino owner”

  • February 9, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    BTW Tommy, the tepees still there. M&F bank built their branch right on the corner. What is missing is the First Baptist Church right there. They tore it down several years ago, after they built the larger Church and Family Center beside it. Hated that, as the old church was where I was Baptized way back when.

  • February 9, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    Funny, they don’t use the baptismal where I was baptized anymore either. Trying to tell us something?

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