Mrs. Jinksto and I were out for a day earlier this week and had an interesting thing happen.  I bought a gun at the local Gander Mountain and was very excited about the whole thing so I let Mrs Jinksto drive home will I fished the instruction manual out of the box and was reading it.

Just as we got on the interstate headed for home,  she pulled over on the side of the road.  I asked her, “what’s wrong” and she said, “I thought I’d stop and have a chat with the nice officer behind us”. 

I grinned (because as a married couple it’s always nice if you’re not the one getting the ticket) and we got ready to talk to the cop.  We turned the radio down, rolled the back windows down so that he could see through the tinted windows and waited.   We purposefully kept our hands visible.

Cop: “Evening ma’am, do you have your license and registration?”
Mrs Jinksto: “I do, my license is in my purse in the back seat.  I have a CCW and a weapon in the purse”

The officer looked in through the open back window and saw the purse laying under the new rifle.  He nodded at her and said, “Ok, reach back and get it”

Mrs. Jinksto did and opened the purse to show him the inside and then reached in and removed her license.

Cop: “Thank you. Do you know that your tags are expired?”
Mrs. Jinksto: “No they’re not, they’re actually good until the 15th of the month in which they expire.”
Cop: “This is the 25th ma’am”

At this point I laughed.  Probably more than I needed to. 🙂

Cop: “ Do you have your registration?”
Me: “Yes sir, it’s in the glove box.  There’s another gun in there.”
Cop: “Ok, umm.. you can put your hands down now sir. “

I put my hands in my lap.  He looked at me.  I looked at him.

He said, “the registration?”
”You want ME to get it” I asked.
”Yes sir.”

So, I opened the glove box, giving him plenty of time to see both the gun and the booklet that had the registration in it and removed the booklet with my finger tips.  I handed Mrs. Jinksto the booklet and closed the glove box before putting my hands back in the air.

“You can put your hands down sir.  I’ll be right back with you".

With that he walked back to his car and wrote a ticket.   I picked up my instruction manual and continued reading.

In a bit, he was back with a newly printed ticket and after a few minutes explaining how to pay it he told us to have a nice day.  We responded by telling him to be careful.  Everybody waved and we all went home.

Quite a different story from what happened to this guy.


Edit: Greybeard has comments on this as well.



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