On April 20 2010, the Deepwater Horizon suffered a blowout.  You are aware of the results.

On that same day the Ocean Confidence, one of only about 25 extremely deepwater rigs in the Gulf of Mexico was just starting a new well.   They were ramped up and ready to go.  They’ve never suffered a serious accident or a spill of any kind as far as I know but that doesn’t matter. 

Obama and his minions implemented a six month moratorium shortly after the accident and the Confidence had to stop work on its well. 

When faced with criticism of the shutdown the administration pointed out that it was “ONLY a six month moratorium” and said, “after that they can go back to drilling again.” … they were right.  They will go back to drilling in a few weeks and when they do there’ll be a few thousand new jobs opening up to support the operation.  But, not on the gulf coast because, it seems that in “ONLY six months” you can refit an oil rig and move it.




… to the Congo.  The Congolese are ecstatic about the new jobs.  At least four other rigs have followed nearly the same path and according to some estimates have cost the Gulf Coast nearly 23000 jobs this summer.

They were told that this would happen.  Repeatedly.  They didn’t care.

Recently Obama has been touting his plan to grow jobs through export.  Unfortunately, I think he misunderstood his own plan and is instead exporting the jobs themselves.




Over the Horizon

2 thoughts on “Over the Horizon

  • September 19, 2010 at 1:24 am

    This Igmo has received tons and tons of money from trade unions, I assume they think he’d work his scrawny little arse off to keep jobs within reach of the continental shelf, yet here he is “exporting” jobs to Africa?
    Is that where his loyalty lies… hmm?

    Why is there not a great outcry from those donors?
    Why is this not HUGE news?
    (That’s obviously rhetorical… those on their knees fellating this guy haven’t raised their heads long enough to see what’s happening to the economy, our unemployment figures, and the country overall.)

    November cannot get here soon enough.
    (I linked to ya.)


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