Obama said that I could keep my current healthcare plan.  He promised it.  Over and over and over he claimed that there would be NO changes.  I said then that this would not be possible and I was right.  I, along with others, called him a liar.

The plans are changing under us to support requirements in this new bill and the costs are going up. A lot.  Pretty much everyone that I know has had their current plan costs increase as a direct result of the healthcare bill that Obama passed and not by a small amount either.  The costs have gone up from 10-20% since this time last year.  This isn’t “statistics”.  It’s not hyperbole or political commentary.  It’s very much, real world observation of what’s happening.

I got an email from Greybeard this morning with the following message:

World Net Daily is reporting there is a movement afoot to try to repeal Obama’s Health Care Reform Bill before it is enacted. They have published a petition for those opposed to sign.
You may want to sign it and send it to others:

I’m not a big fan of Internet petitions because, usually, I don’t think they have a lot of value.  However, in this case, I signed it.  Will you?

It’s Healthy

One thought on “It’s Healthy

  • July 14, 2010 at 12:55 am

    “The costs have gone up…”
    Did you see how MUCH they’re now estimating this fiasco is gonna cost? And we were sold this feces partly on the promise costs would be reduced because folks would no longer have to use ER’s as primary care Docs?

    It was a lie on its face, and some of us saw that beforehand. Now, too late, others are beginning to recognize how many lies were told during Bozama’s campaign.
    God be with us.


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