I’ve decided to write a post about this because it’s been all over the news today.  I don’t pretend to have a good argument because in my view there is no argument.  In this I am right.  I know it.  There is no doubt.  There is no question and there is no compromise.  You will not (ever) convince me that I’m wrong in this.  It is a deeply held truth.   To convince me otherwise is not possible.  I won’t even entertain the discussion.  It’s useless debate.  I will debate the existence of God  with you (I’ll win) but not this. 

So that there’s no confusion about where I stand on this issue let’s get it right out there:

Abortion is Murder.

Abortion in the fist day, week or month is murder.

Abortion in the first trimester is murder.

Abortion because of the “holy three” is murder.  You might feel better about it but a life is still ended.  The death is unjustifiable in almost all cases.  I think that probably the only viable case is when the life of the mother is in serious risk and I don’t mean, “golly this sucks”.  Even then the decision should be given the weight it deserves. 

I’m male.  I accept that my views might be skewed because of that.  Still, that doesn’t change them or make them wrong. Maybe it just means that I can make an impartial decision.  Maybe not.

The reason that I don’t debate this topic with others is because the last time I did it didn’t work out. My response was:

Convince me that it’s ok to walk up to you and shoot you in the face.  Then you might be able to convince me that murdering another human is workable and that abortion should be legal.

When asked about “rape” I said,

The argument still applies.  Convince me that because someone raped the person next to you that it’s ok to shoot you in the face.

When asked about “incest” I said,

Half of children born as a result of incest are born without consequence (I did the research, you don’t want to). It’s not right and it’s not fair but it is murder.  In order make this more fair for you though I’ll remove half of the bullets from the gun before I try to shoot you in the face.

The conversation, as you might guess, didn’t end well. 

Murder is murder and it doesn’t matter how you justify it. It’s wrong.  Morally wrong.   At least that’s my opinion and that’s why I care about the healthcare bill in congress today.  You can’t take something that that is mine and use it to do something that I truly believe to be morally repugnant.  I pay taxes.  That money is mine and not the governments.  It was earned by the sweat of my brow and it should not be used for this.  Ever.

Convince me…

3 thoughts on “Convince me…

  • December 10, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    What has happened to my country?
    I’m living in a land I’m no longer comfortable in.

  • December 19, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    Gotta admit, you’re far more direct than I am, but I’m with you 100%. Those who advocate abortion never address the issues I’d like to make them address, such as – why is abortion the only option ever talked about? Why don’t they address responsibility, as in if you don’t want/can’t afford a child don’t be sleeping around? And another – why don’t they ever mention post-abortion syndrome? They make it seem like abortion is the sane, no consequences course of action but they’re wrong. There are consequences, some of which can deeply affect a woman’s life forever.

    You’ve given me something to think about, Jinksto.


  • December 20, 2009 at 3:33 am

    Thanks for commenting gents. As I noted in the first paragraph this isn’t really something that I debate which causes me to be very direct. With things that I debate often I am able to present lucid (at least, I liked to believe them to be) arguments. The tone of my arguments are direct and crude because I believe that abortion is the same. They’re not hyperbole because I truly believe that scraping a living human from someones body and shooting the next Walmart greeter that you meet in the face (ok maybe the “in the face bit” is hyperbole… a little) is exactly the same thing. It’s murder. It’s causing the death of a living human. It’s… *sigh*.

    If a farmer plants a field and I plow it under the next day did I cause him harm? The seeds haven’t germinated yet so I didn’t technically destroy his crops… right? Am I guilty after the seeds germinate but before they rise forth from the ground? They’re not “living” plants yet because they live off of the nutrients stored in the seed and can’t survive on their own… right?


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