On the right of this page there’s a log of people who visit. Many of those people I recognize just by location. There’s Graybeard over in Illinois (link at right) and Djay in Florida. There’s Mrs. Jinksto’s aunt in Louisiana and a coworker in London.

There are lot of people from Charlotte, Willathome and robhines (links for both at right) and of course MrsatHome and MrsHines. Sometimes though, I have the classic bloggers concerns… Who’s that person from California and how did s(he) get here. With my obvious progun and ultra conservative views, should I be worried about why I’m getting hits from D.C. or just be excited that the message is getting… somewhere.

In the blogging world it’s a bit frowned on to “beg for comments” but at the same time I’m interested in who you people are. If you see something that you like here please feel free to comment. If you see something that you don’t like… well, the same applies. Leave a comment and I’ll be happy to address your questions (or concerns…) either in comments or in a future post. If you just want to say “hi” then, please, feel free. I know that I sometimes hesitate to post comments on some of the blogs that I read because, “why would that person care” but I’ve found that most bloggers really DO care what you think. It’s fun to see others views posted in response to something that you’ve written. Whether it’s just to say, “hey, that touched me.” or to say, “I don’t understand your view here… what are you getting at.” or even to say, as Greybeard has once or twice, “err you might want to tone it down before the men in black show up”.

Anyway, the message for today is, if you read here, especially if you read regularly, please feel free to post comments. I’m really interested in who’s reading here and what your thoughts are. It also helps me avoid making mistakes like, oh, I don’t know… making references to an “elderly female relative” who reads my posts… (and who isn’t really elderly at all, it just fit well with the story.) Heck, with a little more interest I might even make the effort to change the sites subtitle from “UNEDITED, TYPOGRAPHICALLY UNSOUND, GRAMMATICALLY INCORRECT MUSING ABOUT RANDOM THINGS” to “MARGINALLY EDITED, MOSTLY TYPOGRAPHICALLY SOUND, GRAMMATICALLY SEMI-CORRECT MUSINGS…” but no guarantees on that one.

So ends my “begging for comments” post. Today in the life of Jinksto was a lot of fun. I finished planting the garden and managed to spend some time with @robhines and assorted borrowed kids on the riverbank alternately fishing and playing with worms. Tomorrow promises to be another installment in the continuing saga of North Carolinatastic days.


A few comments

6 thoughts on “A few comments

  • April 26, 2009 at 9:13 am

    Hi Jinksto, As I’ve already mentioned, I really enjoy your postings – even though our worlds and outlook are poles apart. I find your mix of patriotism, pride in yourself, your home state and your country to be refreshing – and generally well-justified. As an Englishman (and borderline autistic) I tend to be much more subdued about such things, so I find it a pleasant change from the norm. More power to your keyboard!

  • April 26, 2009 at 11:37 am

    Maybe you should just have a roll call. But you have to ask for some really dumb piece of information – people who emailed to the Dan Patrick show used to give their height and weight like they were actual athletes. (What interesting tidbit you ask for is up to you).

    5’11” 280lbs.
    Location: If there’s a bright center of the Carolinatacular universe, this must be it

  • April 26, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    Nothing is more refreshing than your words of wisdom, as I’ve been prodding you/following you for how many years now =)

    Keep up the GREAT work as always..

  • April 27, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    Self centered, aren’t we? (And I truly mean we.)
    I’m involved in two blogs… my own, and one I coordinate as a meeting place for High School classmates to stay in touch with others. I started the H.S. blog hoping others would pile in and contribute, and that my part in it would then be as one of many. It hasn’t turned out that way…
    It’s mostly “all Greybeard, all the time.” Others do come and comment, but even that is more sporadic than I would have hoped. Yet the sitemeter shows there are lots of folks stopping by and reading.

    I just finished writing a post similar to yours, explaining how, for me at least, posting requires more work than might be imagined…
    Finding interesting content, writing narrative to go along with it, then self-editing to make sure I’m communicating what I want others to understand. It takes more time and effort than I thought it would when I started blogging.

    When I meet classmates and ask why they aren’t sharing their thoughts and ideas the normal answers are “I can’t spell and I’d be embarrassed” or “You have a talent I don’t have. This obviously comes easy for you.”
    Well, maybe. But it’s not effortless.

    Friend Jinks, I enjoy and like coming and reading your thoughts. I too will try to remember to leave a marker to let you know I’ve been here.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

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