I ran out of steam on the “Hog Log” after other folks arrived and it just got too busy to take time out to write.  I should have taken notes. 

To make up for that here are a few pictures to show you what happened later in the day:

Here’s what things looked like earlier in the week before the fire.  For details on the whole rig check out Cooking with Jinksto:


Ms Jodi’s hammock got a Great workout.  From big ole adults to experimental loads of up to 7 kids.


We had people from every walk of life present.  Heck, we even had us our very own Princess!

[picture removed]

Here’s the whole rig with pig in process.  That’s Jinksto wearing a Bank of America hat.


Six hours later, neither of us have moved much.


Several different shots from different stages of “doneness”


Most of the crew.  There were a ton of kids not shown here off in the woods somewhere.


Pig Roast Pics

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