At work we use a chat tool to communicate.  We use this more than the telephone or even email.  By a long shot.  If I call someone they have to stop what they’re doing and answer the phone to focus on what I’m saying.  If I email someone they might not get to it for an hour or more.  But if I chat them with a quick question they can fire off an answer even if they’re on the phone with someone else.  If they’re really busy they can just move it to the side for 5 minutes until they have time to reply.  It’s a wonderful tool that gives us a LOT more time to work than we used to have. 

Still, the side effect of this is that it’s a lot less formal than email is and so you tend to get a few really funny messages come across.  Here’s some just from the last couple of days:

(Names changed to protect the innocent, the guilty and the criminally stupid)

5:06 PM Jinksto       righto.  Bob should be by in a sec.
5:59 PM Richards    He never stopped by
5:59 PM Jinksto       screw’im
6:00 PM Richards    i’d rather not i don’t go for the “pee standing up” type
6:00 PM jinksto        he doesn’t
6:01 PM Richards     lol

2:16 PM Lex           you are smart
2:16 PM Jinksto     I was raised on Corn Flakes 
2:16 PM Lex            manipulative,  i like it
2:17 PM Jinksto     I’m only manipulative because I can’t spell Machiavellian

2:25 PM Bob        have installed Mgmt Studio…Where is TSIS editor?  looking to do some “DTS”-type of work
2:30 PM Jinksto    What’s a TSIS?
2:32 PM Bob          ever use DTS in SQL 2000?  it’s the 2005 equivalent
2:32 PM Jinksto     I think you’re making shit up.
2:33 PM Jinksto     SSIS?
2:34 PM Jinksto    We don’t do Integration Services or DTS w/ MyApp. 
2:34 PM Jinksto   
At this point YGWAWAMG applies.
2:36 PM Bob           Meaning?

2:37 PM Jinksto      Your Google Works As Well As My Google

2:39 PM Bob           TSIS..SSIS…whatever!
2:40 PM Jinksto      No clue.  Don’t use it.  It’s evil.

6:10 PM Jinskto      Error: The operation completed successfully
6:10 PM Jinksto     there’s probably only three applications in the world where that error is appropriate.
6:10 PM Jinksto      MyApp is one of them.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
8:19 AM Mike        MyApp runs on Windows, right?
8:19 AM Jinksto    yes
AM Mike        Then that error counts doubly

2:28 PM Lex           Hey, are you there?
2:28 PM Jinksto     No. 
2:29 PM Lex            Ok, let me know when you get back. 

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