Mrs. Jinksto and I lived in Chicago for about 10 years or so.  Moving back to the south took a little getting used to but… in a good way.

Reasons I like living in North Carolina:
  • Friends know that it’s perfectly acceptable to just sit down at your table in a restaurant for a quick chat about Vacation Bible School.
  • When people wave to you on the road they (mostly) use all of their fingers instead of just the one.
  • If you don’t want people showing up at your house with food don’t tell them that you’re sick.
  • If I miss a day of church Mrs Katherine will mention that she “missed seeing you today!”.
  • If I miss two days of church the pastor will show up at the house.
  • If I miss three days of church folks will stop by with food to find out when the funeral is.
  • People pull into the gas station behind you so that you’ll have someone to talk to while you fill up.
  • Sunday morning church traffic is worse than Monday morning rush hour.
  • Two Words:  Sweet Tea
  • If the door’s unlocked it’s ok to stick your head in and shout, “Hey!  Where ya’ll at?”
  • You can tell how soon the next Nascar race is by the number of people swerving back and forth on the on-ramp to “warm up the tires” before getting on the interstate.
  • The guy blowing his horn behind me in traffic is most likely someone I know just wanting to say hello.
  • The nuclear weapon for dealing with rude teenagers are the words, “Tell your daddy I said hi!”  … “Yes sir!”
Because it aint Chicago…

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