Yesterday, I was sent pictures of my newest niece.   I started not to post the pictures because to the uninitiated ultrasound snapshots can look rather strange.  Then, I decided that I don’t really care… so  ppphhtttt…

Here’s the first ever photo of Ms Reagan Lynn.


Female children in my family are rare in this generation so this is a bit of a big deal.  Of course, everyone is happy to point out that they would have been just as excited about yet another boy.  Me?  I say, whatever… I wouldn’t.   I am an unrepentant cool uncle.

Her mother (whose gooey bits also appear in the picture) is, I’m sure, frightened that I have already promised to teach Ms Reagan all kinds of “tomboy” things like how to clean fish.. and deer; how to drive a truck and the ever important redneck life skill of finding high things and spitting off of them without getting any on your chin… (though probably without the tobacco… I was mostly joking about that).

To her honestly and rightfully horrified mother I send all of my love and a promise to have Ms Reagan show her all of the neat things her Uncle teaches her.

Hello Girly

One thought on “Hello Girly

  • June 15, 2016 at 8:23 pm

    So what have you taught her so far? Can we see pictures? Some of the skills mentioned are skills all children should be taught.


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