A friend posted this link on Facebook.  A random comment on that post reminded me of this story.

One night while I was in the military I was traveling through an airbase.  I stopped in at a local bar for dinner.  Their tables were full so I took a spot at the bar to eat.

While I was eating a man in civilian clothes sat next to me.  A few minutes later someone came by, congratulated him and bought the man a beer.  I mostly ignored it.  As the two stood there talking a second man walked up and bought the man another beer.  They walked away and we started chatting as I finished my meal.

While we were talking, another guy came by and congratulated the man before offering to buy him a beer.

When he left I grinned and asked the guy if he was getting married. 

“Nah,” he chuckled and said, “I work on the base, we had a plane go down today and they just wanted to say thanks”. 

“What? Did you pack the parachute?”, I asked laughing.

“No, I’m just the guy that inspects the ejection seats…”

Oh. Right. Cool.

I offered to buy him a beer too but he said he had plenty and slid one of his down the bar to me.


No moral… just a story…

Just another guy…

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  • October 2, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    Just a cute story, Jinks. Thanks.



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