A good author gives the reader something to think about.   A great author gives the reader the ability to say, “Wow!  I could have written that if I only had the skill.  This is about me.  It was written FOR me.” It doesn’t matter the style of writing.  

As I’ve noted before I’m no poet and I don’t really even understand the genre.  I don’t understand the flow of the text or the meaning of the spacing.  I just know when the words penned by the poet have meaning to me. 

My aunt wrote the following poem but, I suspect that if I only had the skills, I coulda…

My Everyday Blessing
Often I get caught up in living.
Burdened, worried, anxious.
Overly concerned about tomorrow.
Wondering about the things
that might have been.
Not seeing the joy in each day.
Foolishly unmindful of my everyday blessing.


I am loved.
Not only loved by those
whose lives are intertwined with mine,
but by a Father whose love for me is,
at times, beyond my own understanding.
Love is all around me.
Yesterday and tomorrow.
Amidst my burdens, worries, and anxieties.
Love is the joy in each day.
It is my everyday blessing.

Jessica C. Ashworth

I coulda…

One thought on “I coulda…

  • May 27, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    Can’t say a lot, Tommy, except I’m awestruck by your words. I get caught up in your writing, too, as it is as though we are enjoying a good conversation. Being able to write and your reader follow your words, nodding, sighing, laughing, and saying also…”hey that’s me” is what it’s all about. No need for grand flowery phrases, double-meaning words, or an Ivy League vocabulary. Just write/speak from the heart. From this heart to yours, much gratitude for using my poem.


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