My friend Will@home apparently enjoys making lists and encourages others to do the same.    Anyone that reads more than one post here knows that I rarely have little to say about any topic so building one-line lists really doesn’t work for me.   Still, Will asked for it so I’ll try…


10 Things you probably don’t need to know about me:

  1. I believe in God
    1. If you have questions I will be glad to answer them or direct you to someone that can but let’s be clear:
      1. It’s not open for debate
      2. I don’t care if you think that  your god and my God are the same god just with different names… you’re wrong.
      3. It’s not an academic pursuit.  It’s real life.  Reading the bible for 15 minutes does not qualify you as an expert. 
        1. or 15 years for that matter
    2. If your religion is for sale I don’t even want to talk to you.
    3. If you haven’t read the bible don’t attempt to argue it’s contents.
      1. it’s offensive
        1. really
  2. I love my wife
    1. a lot
    2. It is True Love
      1. see The Princess Bride for references
        1. without the “almost married another guy” bit.
  3. I am or have been licensed to drive.
    1. Cars
    2. Trucks
    3. Motorcycles
    4. 10 and 14 Ton forklifts
    5. M1A1 and A2 Main Battle Tanks
    6. 113 Personnel carrier
    7. Howitzers
    8. 3, 5 and 10 Ton Military tractor trailers
    9. Airplanes
  4. I own guns
    1. I enjoy this
    2. I enjoy people who think all people who own guns are gun nuts.
      1. they are fun
    3. I know how to use the guns I own.
      1. I can clean them.
        1. safely
      2. I can handle them
        1. safely
      3. I can shoot them with great accuracy
        1. Mostly
  5. I enjoy working with my hands which includes:
    1. Woodworking
    2. Metalworking
      1. but it’s been a long time
    3. Carpentry
    4. Cooking (yes, cooking)
    5. Baking (see parenthetical comment above)
  6. I own a remote controlled model airplane
    1. which I built
    2. but have never flown
  7. I am a republican
    1. I’m not likely to change my world view to make you comfortable
    2. I have voted Democrat in the past and will again
    3. I don’t believe that people too lazy to work should be saved from themselves.
      1. even that poor starving homeless guy
        1. unless I decide that I want to give him money.
          1. note that I said, “I decide” not “you decide”
          2. or a job.
  8. I like kids
    1. If their parents like them
      1. which really means “can actually cause them to behave”
        1. which can really be done. 
          1. I’ve seen it.
        2. and do.
    2. If I see your child misbehaving in a public place and completely embarrassing you.
      1. I will laugh at you
        1. a lot
          1. and probably point
      2. and laugh some more
    3. I will not feel sorry for you because you decided to have children.
      1. even if you are 17
        1. and unmarried
          1. and unemployed
      2. If you are going to do adult things you must accept adult responsibilities.
        1. and not cry
  9. I have been trained as an electronics repairman.  This means that
    1. I can recite ohms lawohmtable
      1. and I know how to read the table pictured here. 
    2. I know what those stripes on resistors in your radio mean
    3. I can also fix computers
      1. even ones that have mostly melted.
        1. It is a little known fact that all electronic components contain a limited amount of smoke.  This smoke is required for operation and once released from the component causes it to cease function.
          1. Electronic Engineering is built around keeping this smoke from escaping.
      2. but mostly don’t because it’s just cheaper and easier not to.
  10. I have worked
    1. As a carpenter
    2. Offshore in the Gulf of Mexico
    3. At Walmart
    4. Installing inflatable buildings.
      1. big ones
    5. In Saudi Arabia
      1. during a war
    6. At a shooting range
    7. As a civilian technician fixing radios in combat vehicles for the La National Guard.
    8. For a Swiss Bank
    9. For an American bank
      1. on a trading floor
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