Back when I was a kid we’d go down to the crawfish hole (which later in life I learned to call a “ditch”) every spring and using a bit of thread from mom’s sewing kit tied to a piece of bacon as bait we’d catch crawfish one at a time until we had a couple of dozen or so.  We’d haul them all home in a bucket and mom would cook them for us.  That was one of my first experiences with eating something that I had caught myself and they were GOOD.

The year is slowly turning over here in North Carolina.  Winter is fading like a bad memory and the days are growing warmer.  In a few weeks the leaves will start showing up on the trees and Jinksto’s place will fade into woods again.  We call that “Spring”.  To get ready for summer we’re tearing down the last of the old deck around the pool and rebuilding a new one. 

I reckon that only means one thing…. It’s time to go crawfishin…  We usually wait a little later in the year but I’m excited to get this year going so we’re starting early.

Weather geek  @WxBrad (twitter) (that’s not a slight… He really is a geek about the weather.  The boy knows his stuff.) says Saturday is going to be chilly but a nice day for it so I’ve called our friends over at Louisiana Crawfish Company and asked them nicely to throw a couple of bags of mudbugs onto the next FedEx flight to Charlotte.  They usually throw in a little lagniappe so we’ll have fun toys.

If you’ve never heard of LCC before it’s because they’re a small family owned company out of a small town in Louisiana.  They’re located in  Natchitoches (Nak-ah-tish) and have been around since 1985 or so. As a Louisiana native from an even smaller town near there I can promise you that these folks are the real deal.  If you want Louisiana Food shipped to you; real Louisiana food, not the stuff that we feed tourists, then you should check them out.  They’re first rate and the customer service is absolutely the best. I can’t comment on how the prices compare to other places because it’s simply not worth it to me to risk a bad experience with another company when I know that LCC will get it right (or make it right) every time so I’ve never shopped around. For what it’s worth, I don’t have any connection to these folks other than being from a nearby town and this plug is completely unsolicited.  They’re really just that good.

We were working on tearing up the old deck last weekend and didn’t get finished so we’re going to take all of the wood that we have piled up and stack it (sorta) neatly.  A bit before lunch time we’ll start a pot boiling and make crawfish.


WHEN: Saturday, 26 February, 2011 – 8 am to 2pm Eastern Time

WHERE: Jinksto’s House (email for directions!)

WHAT CAN I BRING: A chair, if you don’t want to sit on the ground (but we’re cool with people sitting on the ground too). Your favorite drink if it’s anything other than water or (sweet) tea.

WHY: Because eating food with your fingers is good for the soul. 

ATTIRE:  We do have a bit of work to do early in the morning so don’t wear your church going jeans.  Just get comfortable (within reason’; it aint that kind of party) and come on.

RSVP:  Not required.  We got plenty enough.

What if I don’t like…:  Bring whatever you DO like.  We don’t care.  We might like it too.

Contact: or leave a comment below.

String, Bacon… Check!

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