She stands barefoot on the front porch in sweats and a t shirt.   Arms crossed, feet together on one of those, “not cold enough for a jacket but cold enough to make you glad it only takes the dog a minute to go”, nights. She’s waiting for the dog to, well, go.

I walk outside and hold her from behind, warming her, sharing the moment.  We stare up into the night sky that God has forged from the darkness this night.  Partly cloudy skies black out the stars in huge masses.  The moon shines brightly through a hole; its light cascading out onto the face of the clouds making them beautiful even as they try to hide its light.

As we watch, the hole begins to shrink rapidly toward the moon.  It’s brightness dimming barely at all.

“It looks like the moon is sucking the clouds in toward it.” she says.

I watch for a second and she’s right.  It does look that. 

I kiss her quietly on the top of the head and say softly, in my best Science Fiction B Movie voice, “Yeaaah, that’s not gonna be good”.




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The Moon Sucks

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