Kaveman and Thirdpwer over at Days of our Trailers keep pointing out that the Anti-2A folks think they’re winning and cite numerous examples of the fact that they’re wrong.  I found this graphic on the wikipedia concealed carry page and think it demonstrates in the best possible way that the Anti-2A movement is on a losing track.  Watch it for a bit and it should show you the progress of Concealed Carry laws from 1985 to present.:






I love this graphic…

One thought on “I love this graphic…

  • April 20, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    I remember well when Texas passed CCW. Oh how the perpetual hand wringers wailed and gnashed their teeth! “It will be the Wild West all over!” “Crime will skyrocket!” “There will be shooting every where.”

    Then the law passed and after a year it was firmly established that the EXACT opposite occurred. Crime over all went down and muggings and car jacking almost stopped completely. I mean those two crimes are just a fancy way of playing Russian roulette in a CCW state! 🙂


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