I went last year.  It was so impressive that I’m going again.  I would highly recommend that you go as well.

Have a look at the FaceBook page located here. and click “Attending” under RSVP on the right side.   Note that you do NOT have to RSVP to come.  That’s really just to help the organizers plan.  Everyone is welcome and I would be really excited to see any of you there.

If you’ve heard about the Violent Tea Party protests I’d recommend that you bring the kids to this one.  If you’ve heard about the Racist Tea Party protests I’d recommend that you bring a friend that isn’t white.  Both will be welcome and treated with respect.   I’ve discussed the media’s mistreatment and over dramatization of this group repeatedly here so I won’t do it again.  I’ll just say that if you go, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

So what about GOOOH?  I still support them fully and, honestly, if it comes down to a fight between a Republican candidate and a GOOOH candidate I’ll probably go with GOOOH but it’ll depend on the person.  That’s the great thing about GOOOH really, if I don’t like the candidate I don’t have to vote for them. 

In reality, I see these things as completely different.  GOOOH is a platform for getting citizen representatives into the House of Representatives and the Tea Parties are about protesting waste and mismanagement.   Or, put another way, supporting the local Tea Party is my way of expressing my disgust with my current government and GOOOH is my way of doing something about it. 

I’ll look for you there.

Tax Day Tea Party

One thought on “Tax Day Tea Party

  • April 1, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    Our gathering is on April 9, when the national Tea Party Express rolls into town. I will be there and I’m trying to get as many people to be there as possible.

    The time is now.



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