I sit here sated, tired, happy. I reek of the trinity. Tonight we had what I tried very hard to keep from becoming a party. A party is a collection of people “having a good time” with a purpose. A party is also tense. There are social rules that have to be met. There is stress…

A “get together” is several people just hanging out cooking, eating, enjoying. Tonight was a get together. The cajun trinity is bell peppers, celery and onions. They impart a taste to food individually that is generally good. In combination they create food that can only be obtained in heaven… or the deep south. The smell of those three ingredients evades description. It is steam rising from a pot of Gumbo. It is Red Beans and Rice cooked to perfection. It is all that is good in the world cooked to tenderness and served to friends. It is the smell of woodsmoke and propane on a cold evening. It is

Cooking Gumbo on the Patio
Cooking Gumbo on the Patio
love as you experienced it for the first time. It is a rich, nutty aroma that fills your lungs, fills your soul, fills your heart with happiness. It is a time to miss friends who should be there. It is… It is home.

The theory is that when God was through creating heaven he used the leftovers to create Louisiana. When he was through with Louisiana he created the cajun trinity for people in Louisiana to cook with.

Tonight we had Gumbo. Tonight we had Red Beans and Rice. Tonight we had friends trading stories around a fire on the patio on a too cold night. Tonight we had perfection… My clothes still smell of gumbo and wood smoke. I’m not sure I want to change.

The trinity…

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