The pictures coming out of Haiti the last couple of weeks have been heart wrenching.  They were intended to be.  The media, wants your rapt attention.  The Red Cross and others want your money.  They want it to be able to help.  I get that.

However, there’s another group that needs your help.  A group that saves children’s lives every day and has been doing it for years.  They struggle to pay the bills, they watch children waste away and die.  Every… Day… Right next door.

They watch populist outrage over a natural disaster rip those dollars away to help a foreign country. 

Do you want to help?  Do you want to do it in memory of the tragedy in Haiti?  Simple enough.

Click Here

Select Sympathy/Memorial from the dropdown menu and then click “Go”



Click on your preferred remembrance card.  I selected this one under “Print-Your-Own Cards” at the bottom in order to save them money:


On the next page click the big red button that says, “Select This Card”

On the next page, fill in the required information.  Note, only the First and Last name of the tribute to and your name is required.  Here’s how I filled it out.  Feel free to do the same:



Click the big red “Preview” button.

On the next page click the big red “Add to Cart” button.

On the next page click the big red “Checkout Now” button.

On the next page click the “Guest Checkout” button:


On the next page fill in all of the fields with a image next to them:


When you click on Submit a new form will be added to the bottom of the page.  Fill it out with the appropriate information:



From there, things get obvious.  Just click continue, or submit as requested and until you’re done.  They’ll even let you print off the card that you requested so that you can post it on the refrigerator.   You’ll even get a receipt for your tax deductions next year.  There, now I’ve appealed to both your sense of Guilt and your sense of Greed.  That should be enough to get anyone moving.

If I could make this any easier I would.  If you mail me your credit card information I’ll fill out the form for you.   Still, they make it easier.  If you don’t care about the printout, just use the express form located here.

I feel better.  You should too.

A Picture is Worth…

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